RotaFoot for Universalis
RotaFoot for Universalis
RotaFoot for Universalis
RotaFoot for Universalis

RotaFoot for Universalis

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RotaFoot is a modular accessory for ARCA-SWISS view cameras that mounts a digital camera on the ARCA-SWISS rear function carrier. With rotaFoot you combine the latest digital camera technology with the outstanding design and precision capability of the ARCA-SWISS view camera system. RotaFoot requires the use of one of our four dslr bellows with magnetic connection.

  • Features a rotation mechanism that simplifies landscape-to-portrait orientation
  • Bellows remain attached during rotation, protecting the digital sensor from dust and the environment
  • Detents every 90 degrees
  • Interchangeable bayonet mounts can be purchased separately for additional digital cameras
  • Mounts to the quick release of Universalis dslr view cameras
  • Mounts directly to the rear function carrier of 6x9 or 4x5 Universalis after removing the rear frame
  • Bayonets attach to rotaFoot with four screws
  • Bayonet options: Fuji GFX, Sony E, Canon R, Nikon Z, L-mount, Hasselblad X, and Leica M

RotaFoot has a height adjustable design allowing easy centering for a variety of digital cameras when using your ARCA-SWISS view camera. Adjust the height to center with the lens board and secure it with three screws on a sliding track.

Important: Compatible with Universalis view cameras only.
Link provided here for F-Line and M-Line rotaFoot
Rotafoot Version