Arca-Swiss Camera Plates

Classic Camera Plates

The ARCA-SWISS Classic camera plate, a component of the quick release system, was designed and patented by ARCA-SWISS in the 1950's.

With its original dovetail design, the Classic camera plate was precisely defined and matched the base of the ARCA-SWISS view camera optical bench. The original dovetail design remains unchanged to this day.


Original ARCA-SWISS Classic camera plates, featuring a 38 mm dovetail width, are designed to mount in the upper channel of the ARCA-SWISS Classic or flipLock® quick release.

We highly recommend choosing an original ARCA-SWISS camera plate over other brands. Some manufacturers that attempt to replicate our original design may not be compatible with ARCA-SWISS tripod heads—especially ARCA-SWISS heads equipped with a flipLock® quick release.

It is important to note that flipLock® quick releases are calibrated for ARCA-SWISS camera plates at the factory. As a result, adjustments may be necessary for third-party camera plates or L-brackets, as these often deviate from the standard ARCA-SWISS dovetail specifications by being too wide, too narrow, too rounded, or lack the appropriate ARCA-SWISS dovetail specification. Please refer to the illustration below for more information.


We provide a choice of two camera plate systems:

The original Classic - dovetail width of 38 mm

The compact monoball®Fix - dovetail width of 26 mm

The view camera extension bracket is the same base profile as Classic camera plates. It will mount and adjust freely within the upper channel of a Classic or flipLock® quick release.

View camera monorail, Pan System Pro, Macro Table, and X-Table are the same base profile as monoball®Fix camera plates. All will mount and adjust freely within the lower channel of a Classic or FlipLock® quick release or any single channel monoball®Fix quick release.