Friction control has been added to monoball® p0+, p0+ Hybrid and monoball® p1+. The new "+" friction control from ARCA-SWISS provides ease of use and additional security for all types of cameras and longer lenses. 

Adjusting the friction control

Attach your monoball® p+ tripod head to your tripod. Position the monoball® head with the notch forward and the ARCA-SWISS logo facing you. Before attaching your camera to the quick release - lock the monoball® using the monoball® locking ring that circumnavigates the monoball® head. Turning the monoball® locking ring clockwise locks the head and turning counter-clockwise unlocks the monoball®.

Once your camera is securely attached to monoball® p+, loosen the monoball® locking ring all the way to the fully unlocked position. Holding the camera with one hand, move the camera back and forth and get a feel for the fluidity of movement in the unlocked position.

To adjust the friction setting

1) Locate the friction wheel to the left of the panning lock just above the monoball® locking ring.

2) Unlock the monoball® locking ring until it stops and the head is very loose in the unlocked position.

3) Rotate the small friction wheel counter-clockwise until the wheel stops in place. This will be the position with zero friction.

4) Holding the camera, turn the monoball® locking ring in small increments clockwise. Move the camera back and forth and get a feel for the new amount of tension. Repeat until you are satisfied with the amount of friction set by the monoball® locking ring.

To lock the friction setting

While holding the camera, rotate the friction wheel clockwise until the wheel stops in place. This position will lock the desired amount of friction on the monoball®.

To reset the friction setting to zero

Turn the monoball® locking ring clockwise to the locked position. Turn the friction lock wheel counter-clockwise until it stops. The friction previously applied will be returned to zero.

ARCA-SWISS monoball® friction adjustments provide the necessary modification according to the weight and leverage load of your equipment in any situation, giving you complete control and stability for all types of photography.