Tripod Head Resources

ClicPan® Instructions

Note: The upper pan must be unlocked when making incremental panoramic captures using one of the detent settings.

1)  ClicPan Adjustment Ring

Select a panoramic interval by rotating the clicPan® adjustment ring. Rotate the ring until the white index mark is aligned with your preferred interval setting.

Ten positions are provided on the lower scale - 40° (9 stops), 30° (12 stops), 24° (15 stops), 20° (18 stops), 15° (24 stops), 12° (30 stops), 10° (36 stops), 7.5° (48 stops), 6° (60 stops) with an “OFF” position for 360° free panning movement.

The clicPan® adjustment ring will turn in either direction. When rotated, the adjustment ring will stop and “clic” into the next detent setting.

Once a setting has been chosen, the mounted camera will pan in equal increments through a 360° radius, with an audible “clic” stop at each position.

2) Index Scale

The degree of rotation can be visually checked using the upper index scale.

3) Off Position

Move the clicPan® ring to the “OFF” position for 360° free panning.

4) Panning Lock

To stop all panning rotation, tighten the upper panning lock lever.