The ARCA-SWISS QuickLink is a quick-release system designed for professional photographers to quickly mount and dismount a tripod head from the tripod legs. It's an excellent accessory for photographers who use multiple tripods or tripod heads, allowing for quick changes in setups.

QuickLink also simplifies the removal of your tripod head and speeds up the packing process. As you travel between shoots, store your tripod head in your camera bag to ensure its safety, just as you do to protect your lenses.


Before installation, separate the tripod head disk from the QuickLink base receiver. If you have difficulty, jump to the troubleshooting area below.

Important note: Do not over tighten the small anti-twist screws or you will risk warping the receiver base, tripod mounting plate, or strip the set screw which may inhibit proper operation.

Installation steps

1. Thread the QuickLink base receiver to the top of your tripod. Tighten it as much as possible.

2. Using the smaller supplied allen wrench, tighten the small “anti-twist” set screw (inside the receiver base) until snug, do not over tighten the small anti-twist screws.

3. Next, attach the QuickLink head connecting plate to the base of your tripod head using the large supplied allen wrench. Tighten it as much as possible.

4. Using the smaller supplied allen wrench, tighten the small “anti-twist” set screws just until snug, do not over tighten the anti-twist set screws.

5. Once both QuickLink components are mounted, rotate the receiver locking ring to align the three flanges on the tripod head disk with the receiver flange cutouts.

6. When the silver pins are visible in the flange cutouts, the head disk may be mounted or unlinked. Note the position in the illustration below.



Product usage

1. To mount, turn the locking ring to reveal the silver stop pins in the flange cutouts. Align the tripod head disk flanges to align with the receiver flange cutouts. Drop the tripod head into the tripod receiver.

2. To lock, rotate the locking ring clockwise until snug.

3. To dismount, turn the locking ring counterclockwise until it stops. Lift the tripod head to remove it from the QuickLink receiver.

The QuickLink tripod head disk should be left on the tripod head for quick mounting. The QuickLink receiver base should remain attached to the tripod legs for travel. Protect your tripod head with a neoprene cover and transport in your camera bag, rolling case or backpack.


If you cannot separate the two QuickLink components before installation:
Hold the QuickLink set with your thumb on the bottom of the receiver, and your index and middle finger on each side of the 3/8ths screw on top of the head disk. Squeeze both components together firmly.
With your opposite hand, rotate the locking ring on the outside of the receiver counter-clockwise until the three flanges on the head disk align with the cutouts on the receiver. The silver pins in the flange cutouts will be visible. Grab the 3/8ths screw of the tripod head disk and lift the disk up and out of the receiver.

If the knurled locking ring does not stop

Locate the small Phillips screw in the knurled locking ring. This screw may be tightened, but only until snug. Do not over tighten this screw or you may inhibit proper operation!


No maintenance is required for the ARCA-SWISS QuickLink. However, it is recommended to keep the product clean and free of debris to ensure optimal usage.

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