F-Metric 4X5 View Camera
F-Metric 4X5 View Camera
F-Metric 4X5 View Camera
F-Metric 4X5 View Camera

F-Metric 4X5 View Camera

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  • Available in F-Metric or F-Metric C configurations
  • Optical Bench - 30 cm connecting bracket with (2) 15 cm monorail units
  • Optical Bench (C) - 8.5 connecting bracket with 30 cm collapsible monorail
  • Bellows - 141x141 synthetic pleated bellows for focal lengths 150 mm - 360 mm
  • Use with 141 mm lens boards or the 141-110 mm reducing lens board adapter
  • Geared rise/fall, lateral shift and manual swing, front and rear standards
  • Front and rear base tilt with easy to use lever locks
  • ARCA-SWISS Micro-Orbix® geared tilt available as a system option
  • Zero detents for base tilt, swing, and lateral shift
  • Reversible ground glass back for vertical or horizontal framing
  • High quality, optically flat ground glass with integrated fresnel
  • Modular and expandable up to 8x10 with optional accessories and quick-changing format sets

F-Metric 4x5
SKU: 013145

F-Metric 4x5 with Micro-Orbix®
SKU: 013145-oc

F-Metric C 4x5
SKU: 013245

F-Metric C 4x5 with Micro-Orbix®
SKU: 013245-oc

Weight: 6.6 lb / 3 kg (6 lb / 2.7 kg in C version)
Dimensions: H = 11.4 in / 29 cm, W = 7.5 in / 19 cm, L = 5.9 in / 15 cm
(dimensions when collapsed for packing, on one monorail section, including bellows and optional Micro-Orbix® tilt)
Shift: +/- 30 mm Micro-metric geared (front and rear) + 50 mm manual in complement
Rise/Fall: +85 mm Micro-metric geared (front and rear)
Swing: +/- 360° manual (front and rear) limited only by bellows

Base Tilt: +/- 35° manual (front and rear)
Micro-Orbix® Tilt: +/- 15° (geared tilt system option)
Bellows: Normal, 38 cm, synthetic
Lens Board: 141x141 mm
Optical Bench: 30 cm connecting bracket with (2) 15 cm monorail units, telescoping to 45 cm
Optical Bench "C": 30 cm collapsible monorail, with 8.5 cm connecting bracket
Ground glass back: Graflok
Integrated Fresnel: Yes
Levels: Tubular levels on front and rear standards
Series: 141

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