Bayonets and Connectors for DSLR Bellows

Bayonets and Connectors for DSLR Bellows

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Our bayonets and connectors are designed to accommodate the unique connection needs of different digital cameras when attaching to our magnetic DSLR bellows.

Bayonet: This mount offers the quick push-twist-lock design that ensures a secure connection

Connector: Tailored for cameras with a lens locking pin on the bayonet mount, this mount utilizes a pin and hole alignment system for an effortless attachment.

  • Bayonet and Connectors mount to your digital camera and provide a direct magnetic connection with an ARCA-SWISS DSLR bellows
  • Provides a light-tight connection between DSLR bellows and digital camera
  • Use with DSLR bellows 071000.5, 071013, 071002, 071026
  • For ARCA-SWISS M-Line or F-Line view cameras configured for DSLR use, utilizing a quick release and L-bracket on the rear function carrier, in place of the rear frame

Please note: The bayonets and connectors on this product page are not compatible with the ARCA-SWISS rotaFoot system.

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