A three-quarter front view of the Arca-Swiss Pico round lens board for the Rodenstock 105 mm lens.

Pico lens board Rodenstock 105mm

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Pico system flat lens board exclusively made for the Rodenstock 105 mm macro float digital lens only.


  • Flat board with coupling mount to Rodenstock 105 macro float lens
  • B-board bayonet mounts to Pico front frame
  • Black anodized aluminum
  • SKU: 010910

Orders are now open for the new ARCA-SWISS Pico System view cameras and accessories. Initial deliveries in the USA are scheduled for July 1, 2024.

To place an order:

  • Contact an ARCA-SWISS Camera Dealer: Foto Care, Capture Integration, Camera West, Bear Images or Digital Transitions.
  • Order directly by calling 480-755-3364 or using our online contact form.
After the earliest orders are fulfilled, Pico products will be available for purchase online.