ARCA-SWISS revolutionized the industry in the 1950s by introducing the single-channel quick release clamp and camera plate system. This innovative solution quickly became the industry standard for its ability to securely and efficiently mount camera equipment onto tripod heads.

As the ARCA-SWISS quick release gained popularity, other manufacturers began to copy the quick release and camera plate system, marketing their products as "Arca-Swiss style". It's important to understand, the dovetail dimensions and profile from other brands may not be compatible with ARCA-SWISS products at all, especially with our flipLock® quick release, which is precisely adjusted at the factory for ARCA-SWISS camera plates.

Photographers have continued to choose the original ARCA-SWISS quick release system for its superior quality, strength and versatility. The ARCA-SWISS quick release remains a trusted and efficient solution for photographers' camera equipment mounting needs.


ARCA-SWISS dovetail width

Classic camera plates - 38 mm
View camera extension bracket - 38 mm
Monoball®Fix camera plates - 26 mm
View camera monorail - 26 mm



    Today, ARCA-SWISS offers three choices of quick release clamps for our tripod heads: Classic, flipLock®, and monoball®Fix. Additionally, we offer dual-channel quick release, available in both Classic and flipLock® versions. This dual-channel quick release is compatible with both Classic and monoball®Fix camera plates, as well as ARCA-SWISS view camera monorail and extension brackets.

    For those using the modern and compact monoball®Fix camera plates or ARCA-SWISS monorail accessories, we offer the monoball®Fix quick release, designed specifically for these setups.



      When installing a monoballFix® camera plate to your camera for the first time, make sure to install the plate with the wider lip, overhanging the dovetail, oriented towards the locking mechanism side of the quick release. This is crucial since monoballFix® camera plates can only be mounted in one direction.

      Mount the camera to the quick release clamp, by tipping the short lip of the monoballFix® camera plate, into the lower channel of the quick release. Next, tip the opposite side downwards to flatten and install the plate within the quick release.

      It is important to ensure that the plate moves freely within the channel and comes to a stop at the safety pins located on either end of the channel. To securely fasten the plate in place, lock with either the screw knob or the lever locking mechanism, depending on the style of your quick release.

      To learn more about choosing ARCA-SWISS Classic and monoball®Fix camera plates and L-brackets, please visit the Camera Plate Recommendations page.