Camera Line Info

Monorail II & Optical Bench System

ARCA-SWISS offers a variety of monorail and optical bench configurations for unrestricted freedom of movement and maximum stability. Our monorail system provides rapid extension adjustments for rough focusing and lens-to-subject distance modifications. Close-up, wide-angle, and distant subject shots are easily achieved over a wide focal range, without requiring additional component changes.

The backbone of arca-swiss view cameras


The telescopic optical bench is designed with two sections of monorail and a single extension bracket. Each monorail section can independently move within the bracket. When unlocked, the monorail moves freely within the bracket and is secured in place using lever-style quick-locks.

Monorail can quickly telescope outside the connecting bracket to lengthen the bellows extension. Monorail units are available in 15 cm to 40 cm lengths.

Optical Bench 30 cm - 043130 
Two sections of 15 cm monorail with a single 30 cm connecting bracket (Extends to 45 cm)

Optical Bench 40 cm - 043140
Two sections of 20 cm monorail with a single 40 cm connecting bracket (Extends to 60 cm)

Optical Bench 50 cm - 043150   
Two sections of 25 cm monorail with a single 50 cm connecting bracket (Extends to 75 cm)

Optical Bench 80 cm - 043180
Two sections of 40 cm monorail with a single 80 cm connecting bracket (Extends to 120 cm)

Monorail ii Units

Monorail II 0-15 cm - 041115

Monorail II 0-20 cm - 041120

Monorail II 0-25 cm - 041125

Monorail II 0-30 cm - 041130

Monorail II 0-40 cm - 041140

Monorail stop - 044111

ARCA-SWISS monorail II units available in lengths 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm and 40cm


Should a bellows extension need to be increased quickly, none of the basic camera settings need to be changed.

Our plug-in rail extension inserts directly into the end of the original monorail. A knob on the end of the rail turns to expand a brass finger, ensuring the plug-in monorail extension is secured in place.

Plug-in monorail is available in 15 cm and 25 cm lengths.

Monorail Extension II Plug-in

Monorail-extension II 15 cm - 041226

Monorail-extension II 25 cm - 041225



ARCA-SWISS F-Line C view cameras feature a light and compact optical bench, which includes a folding monorail plus 8.5 cm connecting bracket.

The folding monorail has two sections of rail, joined by a folding hinge with a mechanism that securely holds the rails together when collapsed. Once opened and pressed together, a knob on the end locks the sections together, ensuring a secure and stable setup.

When purchasing the folding rail as an accessory, the 8.5 cm connecting bracket will mount the camera to a tripod head from other brands.


Monorail 30cm, folding - 044130

Monorail 40cm, folding - 043140



Our view cameras, ranging from 6x9 to 8x10, have the unique feature of collapsing onto a single 15 cm monorail unit. This compact configuration makes it efficient to pack and transport the camera.

Once collapsed, the camera can fit comfortably inside a standard backpack that has a depth of 15 cm / 6" to accomodate the monorail, with room above to pack a focusing cloth and film holders.

The connecting bracket can be conveniently stored in a padded case attached to the outside of the backpack. Setting up and packing up is quick and easy.


F-Line 8x10 and 5x7 cameras can be supplied with a custom asymmetrical optical bench.

8x10 D model view cameras - (1) 15 cm monorail, (1) 40 cm monorail, with 50 cm connecting bracket

5x7 D model view cameras - (1) 15 cm monorail, (1) 25 cm monorail, with 40 cm connecting bracket

ARCA-SWISS Monorail ll
041115 Monorail II 0-15 cm $162
041120 Monorail II 0-20 cm $189
041125 Monorail II 0-25 cm $218
041130 Monorail II 0-30 cm $263
041140 Monorail II 0-40 cm $329
044111 Monorail stop plug $19
ARCA-SWISS Monorail-extension
041225 Monorail-extension II 25 cm (plug-in) $395
041226 Monorail-extension II 15 cm (plug-in) $356
ARCA-SWISS Optical Bench - Collapsible
044130 Monorail 30 cm, collapsible* $465
044140 Monorail 40 cm, collapsible* $555
044150 Monorail 50 cm, collapsible* $673
*Requires Extension bracket 042108 for mounting to Classic only tripod heads
ARCA-SWISS Optical Bench - Telescopic
043130 Optical bench telescopic 30 cm (45 cm) $576
043140 Optical bench telescopic 40 cm (60 cm) $728
043150 Optical bench telescopic 50 cm (75 cm) $800
043155 Optical bench telescopic 55 cm (80 cm) $905
043180 Optical bench telescopic 80 cm (120 cm) $1307
044111 Monorail stop plug $19
ARCA-SWISS Extension Brackets
042108 Extension bracket II 8.5 cm $159
042130 Extension bracket II 30 cm $325
042140 Extension bracket II 40 cm $426
042150 Extension bracket II 50 cm $514
042180 Extension Bracket II 80 cm $725