F-Line View Cameras

F-Metric View Cameras

The ARCA-SWISS F-Metric is a professional-grade view camera delivering user-friendly precision and functionality. Its design features micro-metric gear-driven controls, enabling photographers to execute a wide range of geared movements including rise, fall, and shift, with manual movements for swing and base tilt.

For maximum control, speed and efficiency, we offer additional configurations featuring the ARCA-SWISS Micro-Orbix® gear-driven tilt, which we highly recommend and stock in the USA.

Recognized for its engineering and design excellence, the ARCA-SWISS camera system is built on standardization and interchangeability. It adapts to a photographer's evolving needs, offering extensive creative freedom. The ARCA-SWISS modular cross-platform design allows for system component interchangeability, enhancing the capabilities of the camera system and facilitating quick and easy format changes.

F-Metric cameras are available in formats ranging from 6x9 to 8x10, and offer a choice of the telescopic optical bench or the Compact "C" version folding monorail for added flexibility and convenience.

Constructed for professional use, the F-Metric view camera provides exceptional durability. Its robust metal construction ensures long-lasting performance across varied shooting conditions. Whether specializing in landscape, architectural, or fine art photography, the ARCA-SWISS F-Metric stands as an ideal choice, accommodating diverse photography needs with unmatched versatility.

F-Metric 6x9

Delivering versatility and portability, the ARCA-SWISS F-Metric 6x9 is a solid choice for the roll film, digital back or hybrid photographer.

Balancing technical precision and ease of use, this professional-grade view camera excels with it's gear-driven movements in varied fieldwork conditions and shines in architectural, landscape, and studio photography.

F-metric 6x9 can be purchased with the telescoping optical bench or the Compact C version with a folding monorail for added portability.

Additionally, F-Metric 6x9 easily converts to the ARCA-SWISS 4x5 Field format, with an optional format set.



The ARCA-SWISS F-Field camera is a game-changer for large format film photographers who require a compact, easy-to-transport, and quick-to-set-up camera.

The F-Field is designed with backpacking photographers in mind, making it the perfect choice for outdoor professionals who desire the best for fast and efficient composition and focusing.

ARCA-SWISS field cameras are available in the 4x5 format only. You can choose from two versions: the F-Metric, which offers gear-driven controls, or the F-Classic, which comes with manual controls. Both use the folding monorail optical bench.



F-Metric 4x5 is the ideal gear-driven multi-purpose view camera if you're planning to go big in the future. This durable and adaptable large-format camera is perfect for upcoming growth.

To convert to 5x7 or 8x10 formats, order the camera with the telescopic optical bench configuration. This provides the best stability and ease of use with the eventual larger format conversion.

For a camera that grows with you, go for the F-Metric 4x5.


F-Metric 5x7

The 5x7 F-Metric, distinguished by its longer aspect ratio, is a preferred choice among portrait, architectural, and landscape photographers. Compared to 4x5, its larger format offers a striking enhancement in image quality, detail, and enlargement capabilities. Coupled with the F-Metric's gear-driven control, it elevates every aspect of large format image-making.

Despite the generous format, the 5x7 F-Metric maintains manageable weight and portability, achieving a harmonious blend of performance and ease of use. It's a view camera that guarantees a standout experience for photographers embracing the 5x7 format.


F-Metric 8x10

The 8x10 format, offering four times the image area of a 4x5 negative, provides unparalleled detail and depth.

For photographers dedicated to this grand format, the F-Metric's gear-driven control not only heightens the overall experience, but serves to streamline every aspect of large format image-making.

Composing and focusing with one-handed precision control is an immersive experience, as you observe the image on the impressive ARCA-SWISS 8x10 ground glass take form.