Rodenstock Center Filters

Rodenstock Center Filters

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The Rodenstock Center Filter is a neutral gray concentric graduated filter designed to reduce illumination fall-off. It transmits less light at the center than at the margins, helping to reduce falloff towards the edge of the image circle. The filter is multi-coated on both the front and back surfaces to minimize reflections and enhance image clarity, sharpness, and color.

  • Neutral gray concentric graduated filter
  • Multi-coated on both front and back surfaces
  • Maintains contrast, resolution, and prevents ghost images.
  • Increased front diameter of the filter prevents vignetting
  • Anodized brass threaded ring
  • 2.5X Filter factor
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Center filter E72 for 23 mm / 28 mm HR Digaron S lenses
SKU: 50907204
Filter Factor: 2.5X
Size: 72 mm rear - 95 mm front

Center filter E86 for 32 mm HR Digaron W lens
SKU: 50908604
Filter Factor: 2.5X
Size: 86 mm rear - 105 mm front

Center filter E67 for 35 mm / 45 mm / 55 mm Apo Sironar Digital lenses
SKU: 50906704
Filter Factor: 2.5X
Size: 67 mm rear - 86 mm front



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