Factum Technical Camera
Factum Technical Camera
Factum Technical Camera
Factum Technical Camera
Factum Technical Camera
Factum Technical Camera
Factum Technical Camera
Factum Technical Camera
Factum Technical Camera
Factum Technical Camera

Factum Technical Camera

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Optimized for wide-angle photography, the Factum is designed for architectural and landscape photographers who need to travel or hike with minimal gear.

In an effort to reduce size and weight, the Factum in its standard orientation, offers manual rise/fall and shift movements. A rise or fall perspective correction is turned into a lateral shift option when the camera is rotated 90°. Compositional movements are made on the back of the camera while the lens remains fixed, ensuring no change in perspective.

The Factum provides axis tilt for use with all lenses that can be mounted. Additionally, Factum is equipped with a finely pitched helical focusing mechanism, noted for its precision movement and smooth positive friction that reduces focus errors from accidental bumps. The Factum pairs well with digital backs, roll film backs, or even the Fuji GFX 50R using ARCA-SWISS 6x9 adapter plates.


  • Integrated helical focusing with bayonet lens mount for ARCA-SWISS R-mount lenses
  • Choice of manual rise/fall or lateral shift, with +/- 15 mm movement
  • Integrated self-locking axis geared tilt mechanism for R-mount lenses 23 mm - 210 mm
  • Ground glass back with integrated fresnel
  • Optional bayonet adapter lens boards for Canon (aperture control), Pentax 645 and Hasselblad V manual lenses
  • Mount to a tripod or use handheld with the VarioFinder accessory
  • Options for extended resin hand grip and VarioFinder shoe with tubular levels
  • Camera mounting - rotating mounting plate for use with a Classic or monoball®Fix quick release
  • Modular and expandable with optional accessories

R-Factum Technical Camera
SKU: 017369

Weight: 1.4 lb / 640 gr
Dimensions: H = 6.1 in / 15.5 cm, W = 5.4 in / 13.7 cm
Rise: 15 mm manual
Fall: 15 mm manual
Shift: The Factum L-bracket accessory lets you mount Factum on its side providing 15 mm of shift in both directions when needed.
Tilt or Swing: +/-5° Micrometric geared (TUM turns 90° manually to utilize swing)
Lens Mount: R-bayonet
Ground glass back: For focusing only. Requires an adapter plate for digital or roll film backs
Ground glass: With integrated Fresnel and white grid
Levels: None - VarioFinder mount accessory provides (2) tubular levels

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