monoball® p0+ Hybrid
monoball® p0+ Hybrid
monoball® p0+ Hybrid
monoball® p0+ Hybrid
monoball® p0+ Hybrid
monoball® p0+ Hybrid
monoball® p0+ Hybrid
monoball® p0+ Hybrid
monoball® p0+ Hybrid
monoball® p0+ Hybrid
monoball® p0+ Hybrid
monoball® p0+ Hybrid
monoball® p0+ Hybrid
monoball® p0+ Hybrid

monoball® p0+ Hybrid

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The ARCA-SWISS monoball® p0+ Hybrid offers the best of both worlds, offering the speed of a ball head with the precision of a geared head, creating one of the most versatile tripod heads on the market. It features an inverted monoball® design, micrometric geared controls, a friction "+" control lock, and top panning with detents at 90° intervals. The p0+ Hybrid is the perfect combination of speed, precision, and ease of use.

ARCA-SWISS monoball® p0+ Hybrid features:

  • Hybrid design - a monoball® head plus micrometric gear-driven controls
  • Simple intuitive operation with textured monoball® locking ring
  • Inverted monoball® design for greater stability
  • Aspheric ball provides increased friction as the monoball® tips
  • Friction “+” control lock for all types of camera adjustment and security
  • Weighs 1.3 lb / 605 gr with a load capacity of 44 lb / 20 kg
  • Monoball® tilt range +/-35°, with 90° of tilt through the notch
  • Geared tilt range +/-10° in the X and Y axes
  • 360° top panning mechanism with detents at 90° intervals
  • Choice of quick release - Classic, flipLock® or monoball®Fix

monoball® p0+ Hybrid Classic
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monoball® p0+ Hybrid flipLock®

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monoball® p0+ Hybrid monoball®Fix
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Type: monoball® + geared tripod head

Weight: 1.3 lb / 605 g
Dimensions: 125 x 83 x 60 mm

Load Capacity: 44 lbs / 20 kg

Base Diameter: 60 mm
Base Mount: 3/8"-16 threaded socket

Panning at Base: None

Panning at Top: Yes, 360°

Tilt Operation: 90° through the notch, +/- 10° geared
Levels: Target bubble on quick release

Friction Control: Yes

Compatible camera plates: Classic or monoball®Fix
Feature: Allows positioning at any angle with manual or geared adjustment

ARCA-SWISS monoball® p0+ Hybrid

The best of both worlds

The ARCA-SWISS monoball® p0+ Hybrid, a combination of a ballhead and a geared head, provides precise control over camera movements. The patented aspherical monoball® features three locking elements arranged like planets around the ball, applying a uniform force to ensure smooth movement and control of the camera in any axis. The unique aspherical ball design provides a gravitational resistance, which increases friction as the camera tips, slowing its momentum and reducing the risk of accidents.

Fluid and precise control

Above the monoball® locking ring, ARCA-SWISS has integrated two geared segments, each of which can precisely adjust +/- 10° in the X or Y axes. Detent intervals at 90° ensure the axes are in line with the subject. 

Fluid and precise movements are provided by two self-locking, gear-driven micrometric controls. Simply turn one of the geared controls to make an adjustment and release.

Similar to the ARCA-SWISS C1 Cube, p0+ Hybrid movements work within an arc. The design minimizes composition changes when tilted, and keeps the camera centered and balanced over the panning axis.

Using p0+ Hybrid, the photographer can adjust the camera coarsely with the ballhead using the monoball® locking ring, and then fine-tune their camera position precisely in both axes using the micrometric gear-driven controls. Similar to the ARCA-SWISS C1 Cube, the p0+ Hybrid pitch and roll moves the camera within an arc. The design minimizes additional adjustments and provides centered balance over the tripod vertical axis.

Inverted ballhead

With its worldwide patented design, the monoball® p0 + Hybrid reverse mounts the camera directly on top of the ball rather than the neck, resulting in extremely stable movements with less exposure to dust and water. The single panning system is located just below the quick release on the top of the head, providing a panoramic rotation that remains level when the monoball® underneath has been leveled.

90° tilt and top panning

The monoball® p0+ Hybrid can achieve extreme movements, allowing for a 90° tilt through the notch plus an additional 10° using the geared controls. This feature is particularly useful when combined with top panning. The camera can be tilted forward 90° for positioning the camera parallel to the ground, and rotated 180° using top panning for quickly positioning the camera for overhead views. 

Lightweight and easy to use

The p0+ Hybrid is a lightweight and compact tripod head that's easy to transport and will fit into a lens compartment in your camera bag. Despite its size of 1.1 lb / .5kg, with a load capacity of 44 lbs / 20 kg, it will support larger cameras and lenses. The ARCA-SWISS p0+ Hybrid tripod head is the perfect choice for location and travel photographers when every ounce counts.

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