Arca-Swiss Macro-Table geared macro focusing rail mounted on Core 60 tripod head .
Arca-Swiss Macro-Table geared macro focusing rail, overhead view.
Arca-Swiss Macro-Table geared macro focusing rail mounted on Core 60 tripod head .
Arca-Swiss Macro-Table geared macro focusing rail, overhead view.

Macro-Table Geared Focusing Rail

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Macro-table is a versatile multi-purpose tripod head accessory. Originally designed as a macro focusing rail for precise close-up photography, it's also useful as a nodal rail for improved panoramic interval capture.

It includes a gear-driven function carrier with friction control to set user preference for the geared movement, plus a gear-driven control knob providing micro-metric and self-locking geared movement. The inner friction knob can also be used for extra safety during tilted or overhead use.

  • Versatile and portable for studio, location, or macro field work
  • Made with ARCA-SWISS modular view camera components
  • Micro-metric, self locking, gear-driven movements
  • Inner friction control ring
  • Target bullseye level mounted on the quick release
  • Quick release can be manually rotated 90°
  • Choice of quick release - Classic, flipLock® or monoball®Fix

Macro-table mounts in the monoball®Fix lower channel of ARCA-SWISS Classic or flipLock® tripod heads and is compatible with monoball®Fix tripod heads from ARCA-SWISS.

Please note: Macro-table does not have a threaded socket on its base. Therefore, if you plan to use a tripod head from another brand, you will need to use the 8.5 cm extension bracket. Macro-table is pictured for reference with the Core 60 Leveler tripod head, which is not included.

Macro-table Classic
SKU: 802336

Macro-table flipLock®
SKU: 802337

Macro-table monoball®Fix
SKU: 802335

Type: Geared focusing rail
Weight: .96 lb / 437 g
Length: 20 cm / 8 in
Width: 73 mm / 2.875 in
Height: 60.3 mm / 2.375 in
Levels: Target bubble level on quick release
Friction Control: Yes
Geared movement: Self-locking, micro-metric
Geared travel: One complete revolution moves the carrier 19mm / .75 in
Quick release rotation: 90°, manually adjustable
Base Mount: None - mounts directly into the lower channel of the ARCA-SWISS Classic or flipLock® quick release or any monoball®Fix quick release
Optional Accessory: 8.5 cm connecting bracket (042108), will mount Macro-table to tripod heads from other brands

Macro-Table System
The ARCA-SWISS Macro-Table is a multi-purpose accessory for studio and location photography.

Macro Focusing
A gear driven function carrier moves your camera in micro-metric movements along a 20cm (8”) view camera monorail. The gear-driven control knob is self-locking. Simply turn the geared knob to position and release.

A friction control ring, inside the geared focus knob, sets the tension for geared movements to the user's preference, or for extra safety when Macro-Table is tipped downwards.

Panorama Nodal Slide
For panoramic photography - position your camera along the rail to the nodal point setting for your lens. The lower monoball®Fix channel, where Macro-Table is mounted, pivots on center. Simplify rotational panoramic capture even further by using an ARCA-SWISS tripod head with top panning capability. monoball® p0 or p0 Hybrid, Core Leveler, C1 Cube, d4, or monoball® Z dp (double pan) series heads all have a top pan mechanism located under the quick release.

Instructions for mounting Macro-Table to a tripod head
Macro-Table mounts directly into the lower channel of ARCA-SWISS tripod heads with Classic or flipLock® dual channel quick releases, or directly into any ARCA-SWISS tripod head with a monoball®Fix quick release. 

Third party manufacturer tripod head mounting
Macro-Table does not have a threaded socket on the rail. Therefore, an additional accessory is required if mounting to a third party tripod head.

Extension Bracket II (#42108) will mount into most knockoff “Arca-Swiss style” quick releases. The footprint of the extension bracket is the same dimension and specification as ARCA-SWISS original camera plates. Macro-Table mounts quickly into this connecting bracket and a lever style quick-lock secures the Macro-Table monorail in place. The 8.5cm extension bracket has a 3/8-16 threaded mounting socket if needed.

For more information:
ARCA-SWISS Quick Release Diagram

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