Using the Canon adapter kit and Canon lens board with R-Line cameras

The R-Line Canon Adapter Kit is a camera accessory that allows photographers to use Canon lenses with Rm3di, RL3di, and Factum technical cameras. The exception is Rm2d, where the helical focus unit is built into the body and cannot be removed. 

In order to use the kit, remove the TUM module (the helical focus and tilt mechanism) from the camera. Next, install the front extension adapter in place of the TUM, and mount the Canon aperture control lens board. Finally, install the rear extension to the back of the camera, and mount the digital back. The rear extension is required to match the flange focal distance of the Canon lens and achieve infinity focus.


017019, R-line Canon adapter kit - $709

091020, Canon aperture control lens board, 110x110 mm - $1111


Canon Aperture Control Lens Board

  • Compatible with ARCA-SWISS 6x9 M-Line, F-Line and most R-Line cameras
  • Infinity focus with digital backs or the FujiFilm GFX 50R mirrorless camera
  • Electronic aperture control for Canon EF Lenses
  • OLED display for aperture and focal length information
  • Includes an external rechargeable compact battery and mini USB cable

The image circle of the Canon 24 mm TS-E II lens is almost 70 mm, allowing for 8 mm shifts with good resolution when used with a 50 mm cropped sensor. While shifts beyond 8 mm are possible due to the lens coverage, the resolution is reduced at the edges of the image circle. When using sensors larger than DSLR full frame, it is important to inspect the edge and corners of the image when shifting a Canon lens beyond 8 mm. It is worth noting that newer Canon lens designs, such as the Canon 50 mm TS-E II, may have improved coverage and resolution.