Choosing the right ARCA-SWISS tripod head depends on a number of factors, including the weight of your camera and lenses, the type of photography you plan to do, and your budget. It is important to do your research before making a purchase. We provide a comparison chart for your reference on the Tripod Head Specifications page.

Before installing an ARCA-SWISS tripod head, ensure that the base pan locking lever is turned upwards to the fully locked position.

Some larger heads, such as the C1 Cube and D4, have a smaller panning base diameter than the barrel, which raises the head by a few millimeters or more off the tripod top plate. Base diameters are provided on the dimensional drawing on the tripod head product page. But it's safe to say that ARCA-SWISS tripod heads will be compatible with any tripod plate or platform of any size.

No, it is not recommended to use lubricants on your tripod head. Lubricants can attract dust and dirt, which can eventually affect the normal operation of the tripod head. Instead, it is best to periodically clean the tripod head, especially after exposure to salt spray, dust, or sand. Here is a simple cleaning process similar to cleaning your camera equipment:

1) Use a brush to remove any dirt from the crevices of the tripod head.
2) Wipe the tripod head with a soft dry cloth.
3) Finish the cleaning session by using compressed air or a hand blower to remove any remaining particles.

Information about compatible ARCA-SWISS camera plates or L-Brackets for mirrorless, DSLR, and medium format cameras can be found on the Camera Plate Compatibility page, where we have published a chart for your reference.

For creating panoramic images by capturing multiple images, the best choice is one of our clicPan® tripod heads, with a built-in variable interval rotator. Cube cp, Core 75 leveler cp, and p1+ monoball®.cp are the clicPan® choices.

Another great option is one of our tripod heads with top panning, like the monoball® p series. The C1 Cube, D4, Core Leveler, and monoball® heads with dual panning (dp) mechanisms offer both top and base panning.

The choice should depend on the weight of your gear and the type of photography you need to accomplish. If you require multi-row stitching, it's best to use one of our Pan System and NodalSet accessories along with the tripod head.

Although it is possible to do it yourself, the task can be challenging, and you may require a new screw of a special length. There is also a risk of damaging the internal ball or geared mechanism, which would void the ARCA-SWISS warranty.

We advise that this service be done at the ARCA-SWISS factory or by our factory trained technician at Precision Camera Works. If you need further assistance with this request, please contact us.

Read our policy here: ARCA-SWISS Warranty Information

To ensure your eligibility for the 3-year manufacturer warranty offered by ARCA-SWISS, it is recommended that you retain your purchase receipt along with any other pertinent documentation related to your ARCA-SWISS product.