Arca-Swiss Camera Plates

monoball®Fix Camera Plates

For use with monoball®Fix compatible tripod heads - Our monoball®Fix camera plates are the perfect fit if you're looking for a modern solution that works well with mirrorless cameras, telephoto lens mounts, and accesories. Designed to be ultralight, compact, and multi-functional, these plates have a dovetail width of 26 mm, identical to ARCA-SWISS view camera monorails.

ARCA-SWISS monoball®Fix camera plates have a safety system that utilizes stop pins located in the monoball®Fix quick release channel. If the camera is tilted and the quick release is unlocked or loose, the safety pins will halt the movement, ensuring secure usage.


When installing a monoballFix® camera plate to your camera for the first time, make sure to install the plate with wider lip overhanging the dovetail, oriented towards the locking mechanism side of the quick release. This is crucial since monoballFix® camera plates can only be mounted in one direction. Mount the camera to the quick release clamp, by tipping the short lip of the monoballFix® camera plate, into the lower channel of the quick release. Next, tip the oppsite side downwards to flatten and install the plate within the quick release.

It is important to ensure that the plate moves freely within the channel and comes to a stop at the safety pins located on either end of the channel. To securely fasten the plate in place, lock with either the screw knob or the lever locking mechanism, depending on the style of your quick release.

For a more detailed visual guide, please refer to the illustration below.


We provide a choice of two camera plate systems:

The original Classic - dovetail width of 38 mm

The compact monoball®Fix - dovetail width of 26 mm

The view camera extension bracket, is the same base profile as Classic camera plates. It will mount and adjust freely within the upper channel of a Classic or flipLock® quick release.

View camera monorail, Pan System Pro, Macro Table, and X-Table are the same base profile as monoball®Fix camera plates. All will mount and adjust freely within the lower channel of a Classic or FlipLock® quick release or any single channel monoball®Fix quick release.