monoball® p1+
monoball® p1+
monoball® p1+
monoball® p1+
monoball® p1+
monoball® p1+
monoball® p1+
monoball® p1+
monoball® p1+
monoball® p1+
monoball® p1+
monoball® p1+

monoball® p1+

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With its beautiful black finish and sleek, minimal design, the ARCA-SWISS monoball® p1+ tripod head is as stylish as it is functional. It the ultimate choice for professional photographers who require stability, speed, and flexibility. Its larger aspheric ball, inverted monoball® design, friction "+" control lock, and top panning mechanism provide smooth and fluid movements with added load capacity, stability and security. The ideal tripod head for larger cameras and telephoto lenses, as well as a top choice for nature, lifestyle, sports and action photographers.

  • Sleek minimal design
  • Simple intuitive operation with textured locking ring
  • Inverted monoball® design for greater stability
  • Aspheric ball provides increased friction as the monoball® tips
  • Friction “+” control lock for all types of camera adjustment and security
  • Weighs 1.3 lb / 585 gr with a load capacity of 66 lbs / 30 kg
  • Tilt range +/- 35° with 90° tilt through the notch
  • 360° top panning mechanism
  • Choice of quick release - Classic, flipLock® or monoball®Fix

monoball® p1+ Classic
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monoball® p1+ flipLock®
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monoball® p1+ monoball®Fix
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Type: monoball® tripod head
Weight  1.3 lb / 585 gr
Dimensions: 105 x 91 x 75 mm
Load Capacity:  66 lbs / 30 kg
Body Diameter: 75 mm
Base Mount:  3/8"-16 Threaded socket
Panning at Base:  None
Panning at Top:  Yes, 360°
Tilt Operation: 35° / 90° through the notch
Levels:  Target bubble on quick release
Friction Control:  Yes
Feature:  p1+ design update allows positioning at any angle

ARCA-SWISS monoball® p1+

The ARCA-SWISS monoball® p1+ tripod head is characterized by sleek design and unparalleled ease of use, stability, and control. The patented aspherical monoball® features three locking elements arranged like planets around the ball, applying a uniform force to ensure smooth movement and control of the camera in any axis. The unique aspherical ball design provides a gravitational resistance, which increases friction as the camera tips, slowing its momentum and reducing the risk of accidents.

Simple intuitive operation

The monoball® p1+ standout feature is its minimal design and textured locking ring, which allows photographers to intuitively operate the head without needing to visually see it. The locking ring circumnavigates the tripod head, enabling photographers to easily reach for and feel the locking ring's textured surface, making adjustments and securing the camera with ease. This user-friendly design is a major appeal to photographers, as it allows them to focus solely on their subject and effortlessly adjust their camera's position from any direction.

90° tilt and top panning

With a tilt ball range of 90° and 360° top panning, the monoball® p1+ offers unparalleled flexibility. The top panning mechanism, located directly under the quick release, allows for smooth and fluid movements, ideal for precision panning once the camera is level. The monoball® p1+ tilts 90° for positioning the camera parallel to the ground, and can be quickly rotated 180° using top pan for overhead views.

Improved friction control

The new "+" friction control from Arca-Swiss provides ease of use and additional security for all types of cameras and telephoto lenses. To adjust the sensitivity threshold for movement, simply use the monoball® locking ring to set more or less tension and lock the desired amount of resistance using the friction locking wheel. This allows for precise adjustments according to the weight and leverage load of the camera, giving you complete control and stability for all types of photography.

The ARCA-SWISS monoball® p1+ is the perfect tripod head for professional photographers looking for unparalleled accuracy and flexibility in camera positioning. With a physical weight of only 1.3 lbs / 585 gr, monoball® p1+ will carry loads up to 30 kg, over 50 times its own weight, it's the ideal tripod head for larger cameras and longer focal length lenses. Its larger ball ensures higher load capacity with fluid movements.

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