ARCA-SWISS Service & Warranty

warranty policy

ARCA-SWISS provides a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on all non-electronic products. We will repair or replace your product if we identify through inspection or testing that your product fails to function properly due to poor materials, workmanship, or any other mechanical causes, with the exception of collisions, accidental damage, water damage, or unauthorized disassembly or modification of the product.

ARCA-SWISS is unable to provide a warranty for your product if any of the following circumstances exist:

  • The original proof of purchase cannot be provided.

  • The damage is a result of external forces such as dirt, mud, sand, debris, water or salt water.

  • The failure is caused by Force Majeure, including natural disasters and/or other external reasons.

  • The damage is caused by failure to correctly fit, use, and/or operate the product according to the product instructions.

  • Improper handling, tampering, or services performed by unauthorized persons or third-party equipment.

    Should it become necessary to repair or replace a malfunctioning or defective product, the ARCA-SWISS warranty shall apply to the repaired or replaced product for 1 year or the remainder of the original warranty.

    Damages for which ARCA-SWISS will not be responsible includes - the loss of revenue or profit, downtime costs, loss of use of equipment, costs for rental or additional substitute equipment, facilities, services, or claims by the user’s customers for such damages.


    Before sending your equipment to our repair facility, please contact an ARCA-SWISS representative for a return authorization and instruction details for shipping.