monoball® Z1+ sp
monoball® Z1+ sp
monoball® Z1+ sp
monoball® Z1+ sp
monoball® Z1+ sp
monoball® Z1+ sp

monoball® Z1+ sp

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Featuring top-of-the-line patented ARCA-SWISS technology, monoball® Z1+ provides smooth and controlled camera movements stabilized in all directions. It includes an aspherical ball design, axial clamping, plus progressive motion and gravity friction control. With a load capacity of up to 132 lb / 60 kg, the Z1+ is one of the sturdiest tripod heads in its class. Its durable materials and construction ensure reliable performance, enabling Z1+ to withstand challenging outdoor environments and extreme cold.
  • Refined and Improved design - monoball® Z1+ is smaller, lighter and stronger than our previous monoball® B series
  • Unique aspheric ball provides a variable and bi-directional drag that stabilizes the head in all directions and provides increased resistance as the camera tips
  • User-adjustable friction control
  • Weighs 1.5 lb / 660 gr, with a load capacity of 132 lbs / 60 kg
  • Tilt range +/- 42°, with 90° tilt through the notch
  • 360° base panning
  • Choice of quick release - Classic, flipLock or monoball®Fix

monoball® Z1+ sp Classic

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monoball® Z1+ sp flipLock®

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monoball® Z1+ sp monoball®Fix

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Type: monoball® tripod head

Weight: 1.5 lb / 660 gr
Dimensions: 108 x 91 x 69 mm
Load Capacity: 132 lb / 60 kg

Body Diameter: 2.5" / 64 mm

Base Mount: 3/8"-16 threaded socket

Panning at Base: Yes, 360°
Panning at Top: None

Tilt Operation: 42° / 90° through the notch

Levels: Target bubble on quick release

Friction Control: Yes

Compatible Camera Plates: Classic or monoball®Fix
Feature: Aspherical ball with MGRC and PMF design technology

ARCA-SWISS monoball® Z1+ sp (single pan)

For over forty years, ARCA-SWISS monoball® tripod heads have led the industry in quality, strength, and performance. In 2006, we introduced the lighter, smaller, and more stable monoball® Z series, which replaced the legendary monoball® B. 

Our innovative improvements to the design, including the patented aspherical ball, axial clamping, and PMF (progressive motion related friction control), made the Z1 series the go-to choice for serious photographers. It featured technical developments, optimized materials and coatings, and could withstand a staggering leverage load off-axis.

The latest addition to the monoball® Z family is the ARCA-SWISS monoball® Z1+. With the MRGC (Motion Related Gravity Control) system, the Z1+ has a variable bi-directional drag system that operates independently on both axes, ensuring stability in all directions.

Movements under control

Intelligent engineering and precise manufacturing guarantee a well-distributed radial grip force, providing a strong hold while allowing smooth and accurate camera positioning without drift or sag.

While horizontal movements maintain a consistent friction setting, vertical movements utilize our patented aspherical ball to create a gravitational friction force that increases resistance as the camera tips. This slows momentum, ensuring safety and reducing the risk of accidents or sudden drops.

Our friction control system provides added security, flexibility, and control by allowing you to set the required level of friction for movement based on the combination of your camera and lens weight, as well as image requirements.

Pan and tilt

A notch in the body of the ball head allows 90° tilt, for fast landscape to portrait format changes. The Z1+ base pan lever locking mechanism provides a quick lock to the panning rotation, fast and easy to use with gloves or bare hands.

The monoball® Z1+ is available in single pan (sp) with panning at the base, dual pan (dp) with panning at the base and top, and the 1/4" or 3/8" threaded disk models, adaptable to the quick release of your choice.

Our innovative and patented design, combined with unparalleled accuracy, flexibility, and superior control, make the ARCA-SWISS monoball® Z1+ the professional's choice for camera positioning, precision, and security.

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