Lens Board Canon Aperture Control
Lens Board Canon Aperture Control
Lens Board Canon Aperture Control
Lens Board Canon Aperture Control

Lens Board Canon Aperture Control

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  • Mounts Canon lenses to ARCA-SWISS 6x9 cameras
  • Electronic aperture control for Canon EF lenses in 1/3 stop increments
  • Provides infinity focus with digital backs, FujiFilm GFX 50, and most mirrorless cameras
  • OLED display provides aperture and focal length information
  • Includes an external rechargeable compact battery and mini USB cable
  • Compatible with ARCA-SWISS M-Line and F-Line 6x9 cameras
  • Compatible with R-Line cameras using the R-Line Canon aperture control adapter kit
  • SKU: 091020

Canon Aperture Control Lens board
Weight:  609 g / 3.85 oz
Height:  110 mm
Width:  110 mm
Display:  OLED
Power:  External Battery


Using the ARCA-SWISS Canon Aperture Control Lens Board

Refer to the illustration below for the location of all the Canon lens board controls. Be sure to read the instructions provided with the power supply unit and make sure it is fully charged before operation.

Install the lens board on your ARCA-SWISS camera. Press the lens release button and attach a Canon lens to the bayonet lens board.

Locate the mini USB socket in the lower corner of the lens board. Plug the provided cable into the power supply unit and the mini USB end of the power supply cable into the mini USB socket on the Canon lens board. The blue dots on the power supply indicate the level of charge.

Press either control button to power up the lens board. Press both buttons simultaneously to open the aperture completely for focusing in live view. The OLED display will read "OPEN" and the focal length of the lens - 17mm, 24mm, 50mm, etc.

While any Canon lens will work with our lens board, the TS-E lenses will have a larger image circle and allow for greater shifts. We do recommend using the Canon TS-E lens in it's zeroed position and use the ARCA-SWISS view camera to make all rise/fall/shift movements. After mounting the Canon TS-E lens, be sure it is zeroed and fully locked.

You are now ready to compose and focus on your subject. When you are finished composing, it’s time to close the aperture and set the desired f-stop. To do this, press the upper aperture control button several times until you reach the desired f-stop displayed in the aperture & focal length OLED panel at the top of the lens board.


Observe the LED readout while adjusting the aperture setting

Press the upper button - F8 > F11 > F16, etc.

You are now ready to make the photograph. Use aperture priority or manual mode on your camera. Trip the shutter of your dslr or mirrorless camera using an electronic release or by tethering the camera to a computer with capture software. When finished shooting, unplug the battery to turn the lens board off.


Depending on the focal length and shift setting of a Canon TS-E lens, the USB cable may interfere when rotating or removing Canon TS-E lenses. If interference occurs, simply remove the USB cable and re-attach the Canon TS-E lens. Reinstall the USB power cable to continue working.

Note: Portable USB power supply units of 2200 MAH (minimum) are compatible with the Canon lens board. The supplied battery is the same type used for cell phone charging. If you need a backup, similar batteries can be purchased at electronic supply stores and online retailers.