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F-Universalis View Cameras

The ARCA-SWISS Universalis is a modular view camera system available in DSLR, 6x9, and 4x5 formats. It's design works seamlessly with film and digital capture.

Aimed at enhancing portability for travel and location work, the Universalis camera has been scaled down to reduce size and weight. It offers exceptional precision when paired with digital backs, dslr or mirrorless digital cameras.

The Universalis view camera features a rigid rear standard, without tilt or swing. It's equipped with separate gear-driven focus, rise/fall, and lateral shift movements, all located on the rear function carrier. It includes All In-Plane (AIP) movements, which allow for separated and independent rise, fall, and shift adjustments to be made on the image plane. This ensures rapid and accurate positioning for precisely refining the composition.

The front function carrier offers gear-driven rise/fall and manual swing. Additionally, Micro-Orbix® geared tilt provides control over the plane of focus, and ensures the lens plane maintains its correct position, without adverse effects on angularity or image composition. Swing is accessed with a quick lever lock, centrally located near the top of the front function carrier. Swing movements are performed manually with the aid of positive friction to control its movement.

The reduced distance between the front and rear standards allows the use of very short focal length lenses, which is ideal for architectural photography. Moreover, the all-metal construction of the Universalis ensures precision and rigidity.

Compatible with the range of ARCA-SWISS system accessories, the modular design offers optional conversion kits for DSLR, 6x9, and 4x5 formats.

Universalis DSLR

The Universalis DSLR provides a unique blend of portability and modularity, tailored with micro-metric gear-driven controls for the exacting demands of small digital sensors.

This configuration includes a quick-release on the function carrier, which serves as the digital camera mount. Use a camera plate, an L-bracket, or upgrade the platform with the ARCA-SWISS RotaFoot, a rotating accessory with interchangeable bayonets that can be purchased separately for use with additional cameras.

DSLR Bellows have a magnetic connection to the digital camera bayonet connector, and are available in 10, 20, 25, and 50 cm lengths.

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Universalis 6x9

The Universalis 6x9 for digital back users, features an All-In-Plane (AIP) system design. This offers independent X/Y movements for rise, fall and lateral shifts, all made on the image plane. The lens remains stationary during shifts maintaining the same perspective.

This unique design opens up the potential for extended movements, perfect for error free stitching with high-resolution captures.

Combined with Micro-Orbix® geared tilt and gear-driven, self-locking micro-metric controls, the Universalis 6x9 provides precision and flexibility. The ARCA-SWISS modular design concept of standardization and interchangeability further allows it to transition to DSLR or 4x5 formats using optional accessories and format sets.


F-Universalis 4x5

The 4x5 Universalis has been designed for the 4x5 or roll film photographer. This unique view camera features Micro-Orbix® geared tilt and the added functionality of gear-driven, self-locking micro-metric control of rise/fall and lateral shift.

Equipped with an International Graflok ground glass back, it allows vertical or horizontal framing. With the option to extend the optical bench using 15 or 25 cm plug-in monorail and the capability to expand to DSLR or 6x9 formats through optional accessories, the Universalis system presents unparalleled modularity and versatility.

Arca-Swiss 4x5 Universalis view camera