ARCA-SWISS Cube or Core Leveler?



Core Leveler - Innovation and evolution


In the fast-paced world of photography and videography, it is essential to have equipment that is both high-quality and cost-effective. The Core Leveler represents the innovative evolution of the p0 Hybrid tripod head, designed to provide an affordable solution to photographers and videographers requiring fast and precise camera leveling and compositional refinements for architecture or landscape photography.

With its groundbreaking hybrid design, the ARCA-SWISS p0 Hybrid revolutionized camera movements by seamlessly combining a monoball® head at the base with a geared head at the top. This breakthrough design quickly gained popularity among photographers prompting a wide request for a compact and minimal head based on the geared components of monoball® p0 Hybrid. Recognizing the demand for a further streamlined head, ARCA-SWISS responded by developing the Core 60 Leveler. The new design incorporated the same micro-metric gear-driven controls and top panning capability as monoball® p0 Hybrid, with an additional panning mechanism at its base.

After its introduction, the Core 60 Leveler quickly gained popularity among photographers. It was even nicknamed the "mini Cube" due to its compact size and gear-driven cradle mechanisms providing movements similar to the Cube. Weighing only 1 pound, its compact 60 mm diameter and lightweight construction make it an ideal choice for travel photographers on the go who require portability without compromising precision. The Core 60 Leveler works well with any DSLR or mirrorless camera, including the Fuji GFX and Hasselblad X series.



ARCA-SWISS Core 60 Leveler

ARCA-SWISS Core 75 Leveler



Tilt range and other factors to consider

One notable distinction between the Cube and the Core Leveler lies in their tilt capabilities. The ARCA-SWISS Core Levelers have a specific tilt range of +/- 10° for the Core 60 and +/- 15° for the Core 75. However, the Cube offers an expansive tilt angle of +/- 30° with a vertical tilt that opens manually to 60° plus an added +/- 30° using the geared mechanism. This can be helpful for situations when you need to shoot straight down, overhead, or any angle in between.

Core 60 Leveler with dual panning
Tilt range limited to +/- 10° in both axes
Load capacity 44 lbs / 20 kg

Core 75 Leveler with dual panning
Tilt range limited to +/- 15° in both axes
Load capacity 66 lbs / 30 kg

C1 Cube with dual panning
Tilt range +/- 30° Y-axis, +/- 90° X-axis
Load capacity 88 lbs / 40 kg

When selecting a geared tripod head, it's essential to consider multiple factors including tilt, load capacity and size. The tilt range becomes a crucial aspect depending on the desired shooting perspective. If you frequently require extreme vertical angles, such as shooting directly downward or overhead, the Cube's 90° tilt angle may be advantageous.

However, it's vital to note that Core Levelers, despite their more limited tilt range, excel in their compact designs. The Core 60 Leveler, with a diameter of 60 mm and weighing just 1 lb. or 460 grams, offers outstanding portability without compromising strength or precision. Similarly, the Core 75 Leveler provides a balance of size and performance.







In addition to tilt range, load capacity is another crucial consideration. Different photography setups require various degrees of support, especially when the load is leveraged off axis. The Cube and Core Levelers have different load capacities, so it's important to choose the tripod head that can securely hold your equipment.
Ultimately, the choice between the Cube and the Core Levelers depends on your specific shooting needs and budget. If you prioritize a higher load capacity or an extensive tilt range and require flexibility for extreme positions, the Cube's 90° tilt capability may be the preferred option. However, if you value portability, compactness, and a balance between size, performance, and budget, the Core Levelers offer exceptional precision and are well-suited for travel or secondary backup purposes.




The ARCA-SWISS C1 Cube stands as a pinnacle of camera leveling technology, offering exceptional precision and control. With its unique gearing system that moves 8° per full turn, the Cube provides unparalleled accuracy for fine adjustments. Its dual knob design for each axis provides effortless operation, making it adaptable for both right and left-handed users, and highly convenient to use in tight shooting spaces. With dedicated tension controls for managing heavy leveraged loads in both axes, the Cube excels at providing stability and smooth movement even with challenging camera setups. The Cube's top housing platform with easily visible levels ensures quick and accurate leveling. Additionally, the Cube offers versatility through different configurations, including the Cube gp with geared panning and the Cube cp which integrates the clicPan® panoramic interval rotator.







 More differences - Cube vs. Leveler


  • The Cube gearing moves 8° per full turn, compared to 4° per full turn for the Core Leveler series.
  • The Core Levelers have one control knob each for the X and Y axes, with Core 75 Leveler providing a telescoping knob feature. In contrast, the Cube provides two knobs for each axis on either side of the head, making it convenient for operation in tight spaces or for users who are right or left-handed.
  • The Cube has two separate tension controls for managing heavy leveraged loads in both axes. On the other hand, the Core Levelers do not have tension control.
  • The Cube levels are located on the top housing platform, making them easily visible. The Core 60 provides a target bubble level on the quick release, while the updated Core 75 has two tubular levels set into the body of the head.
  • The Cube is available in additional configurations - the Cube gp with geared panning and the Cube cp with our new clicPan® panoramic interval rotator integrated under the quick release.
  • The Core 75 is also available in a clicPan® version.
  • All three heads provide two panning mechanisms: a bottom panning mechanism to align the camera with the subject and a top panning mechanism for precision panning once the camera is leveled. Only the Cube can be tilted forward 90° for positioning the camera parallel to the ground. Plus, with a fast 180° rotation using top pan, the camera may be quickly positioned for overhead views.


In conclusion, both the ARCA-SWISS Cube and the Core Leveler Series provide exceptional camera leveling solutions. While the Core Levelers offer simplicity, portability, and value, the Cube stands out in precision, stability, and versatility. Although the Cube rightfully holds its title as the king of ARCA-SWISS tripod heads, our Core Levelers are certainly not to be overlooked. With their compact design, lightweight build, impressive load capacity, double panning feature, and attractive price point, the Core Levelers provide an excellent choice for photographers seeking a balance of performance and value.




Load Capacity 44 lbs / 20 kg 66 lbs / 30 kg 88 lbs / 40 kg
Panning All three heads have dual panning mechanisms - base & top, 360°
Tilt Range X-axis X-axis +/- 10° X-axis +/- 15° X-axis +/- 90°. -30°
Tilt Range Y-axis Y-axis +/- 10° Y-axis +/- 15° Y-axis +/- 30°
Vertical Operation N/A N/A X-Axis 60° manual + 30° geared
Levels 1x Target bubble 2x Tubular 2x Tubular
Diameter 60 mm / 2.4” 75 mm / 3” N/A
Geared Operation All three heads have self-locking, gear driven control over the X and Y axis
Gearing 4° per full turn for both Core levelers 8° per full turn for Cube
Quick Release All three heads have a choice of Classic, FlipLock, or MonoballFix quick release
ClicPan® Option No Yes Yes
Dimensions 70 x 83 x 60 mm 78 x 97 x  75 mm 110 x 110 x 110 mm
Weight 1 lb / 460 gr 1.4 lbs / 630 gr 2.3 lbs / 1040 gr
Price $USD $571 - $600 $700 - $745 $1517 - $1572
Price does not include clicPan® or geared pan Cube models


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