M-Monolith 6X9 View Camera
M-Monolith 6X9 View Camera
M-Monolith 6X9 View Camera
M-Monolith 6X9 View Camera
M-Monolith 6X9 View Camera
M-Monolith 6X9 View Camera

M-Monolith 6X9 View Camera

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Balancing stunning aesthetic design with superior functionality, the M-Monolith 6x9 commands attention. It blends superior ease of use and workflow efficiency with high-resolution digital backs, producing images of exceptional quality and detail. M-Monolith's unparalleled precision, fluid controls, and triaxial yaw-free movements result in a level of performance few cameras can match.


  • Flagship, fully-featured, modular 6x9 view camera
  • Telescoping optical bench - 30 cm extension bracket with (2) 15 cm monorail units
  • 6x9 Universal leather bellows for focal lengths 75 mm - 150 mm
  • 6x9 front frame for use with compact 110 mm lens boards
  • Gear-driven, self-locking micro-metric control of rise/fall, lateral shift and swing provided on both front and rear function carriers
  • Front and rear, gear-driven, self-locking base tilt
  • Micro-Orbix® geared tilt
  • Tri-axial yaw-free movements
  • Zero detents for rise/fall, swing, lateral shift, base tilt, and Micro-Orbix® tilt
  • High quality ground glass with integrated fresnel
  • Angle Indication reference scales
  • Modular and expandable platform with optional system accessories and quick-changing format sets, including rotaFoot and dslr magnetic bellows for additional use with mirrorless and dslr digital cameras

M-Monolith 6x9
SKU: 014169

Weight: 9.3 lbs / 4.2 kg
Dimensions: H = 13 in / 33 cm, W = 6.3 in / 16 cm, L = 5.9 in / 15 cm
(dimensions when collapsed for packing, on one monorail section, including bellows and optional Micro-Orbix® tilt)
Shift: +/-50 mm Micrometric geared (front and rear)
Rise/Fall: +70 mm Micrometric geared (front and rear)
Swing: +/-45° Micrometric geared (front and rear)
Base Tilt: +/-45° Micrometric geared (front and rear)
Micro-Orbix® Tilt: +/- 15° Micrometric geared
Bellows: Normal, 24 cm, Universal, leather
Lens Board: 110x110 mm
Optical Bench: 30 cm connecting bracket, with (2) 15 cm monorail units, telescoping to 45 cm
Ground Glass back: For focusing only. Requires an adapter plate for digital or roll film backs
Integrated Fresnel: Yes
Levels: Tubular levels on front and rear function carriers
Angle Indicators
Angle indication scales on front and rear function carriers


ARCA-SWISS M-Monolith cameras are precise, fully integrated camera systems. Build quality, functional ergonomics, modular design and precision movements define our unrivaled Monolith camera system.


The ergonomic layout of the Monolith’s gear-driven controls simplifies composition and focusing. All camera controls are grouped on the function carriers and positioned on either end of the optical bench. Individual adjustments are made with self-locking micro-metric geared drives, ensuring precise settings. Swing and tilt controls are on the left, focus and rise/fall/shift controls are on the right. All movements are fluid and smooth, using self-locking micro-metric fine adjustment knobs.


The M-Monolith is designed with high precision for small format digital capture, yet robust and rigid enough for large film formats — 8x10, 5x7, and 4x5. Modular conversion kits are available for 8x10, 5x7, 4x5, 6x9, and dslr or mirrorless digital capture.

The camera’s shortest achievable extension allows the use of very short lenses, a prerequisite for digital photography. The telescopic optical bench allows for quick adjustments, variations in bellows extension, and variable focusing distances for a variety of optics, 23 mm — 600 mm. Longer extensions are possible with optional intermediate standards, monorails, and long bellows.


With the proprietary ARCA-SWISS Orbix® tilt system, yaw-free swing and tilt movements are made around the nodal center of the lens (effectively in a sphere) so the position of the lens board plane is maintained in the correct position with no adverse effects on image composition.

Micro-Orbix movements are perpendicular to the optical axis rather than the monorail. Therefore, focus adjustments occur in the selected plane and are fast and easy to make. When using rear shift, the rotation point will still be on the same axis.

Micro-Orbix is installed into the lower front frame, using a gear driven knob to adjust tilt in micro increments with detents every 2.5 degrees. The precision of the geared movement provides an indispensable feature that can set very small tilt angles required for wide-angle lenses, or digital backs and DSLR cameras with small sensors. Unlocking or locking of the mechanism is not required, as the Micro-Orbix control is self-locking and requires only your left hand to operate.

Micro-Orbix will vastly simplify focusing without the back and forth focus and tilt repetition, required by traditional base or axis tilt designs. Micro-Orbix is adjusted using the same method as base tilt -- focus for the far subject and tilt for the near subject. This can be done quickly with the right hand focusing and the left hand controlling Micro-Orbix tilt.

If the camera you wish to purchase is currently out of stock, additional units may be on the way or a special order may be necessary. To inquire about inventory and availability, please reach out to us directly. Typically, cameras stocked at ARCA-SWISS USA are shipped from the factory and restocked every 2-4 weeks.

Please note that certain cameras, due to their modular configuration and various format possibilities, may only be accessible through a special order that we can place for you.

To proceed with a special order, simply contact us directly. During this consultation stage, we can offer to schedule an online demonstration and work closely with you to determine your specific requirements and preferences to ensure you are ordering the right camera and accessories.

The production and delivery timeline for special order cameras is typically 4-12 weeks. Please note that special orders cannot be canceled or returned once the order is placed. A non-refundable advance deposit is required to place the order.

For more information, delivery timeframe, or to place a special order, please contact us directly.